Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cupcakes with Love

We were planning a nice day out with the family but I received a phone call asking if I could bake some cupcakes.  An old friend of ours is down as someone broke her heart. My whole bunch of girlfriends wanted to sent the message across - WE LOVE YOU! We are here for you! I told them that I could come out with something simple as I really do not have much time to bake and decorate...especially if I only have 2 hours max.

So...with a simple chocolate cake recipe, I baked the cupcakes. While I was baking it, I made the buttercream with 1 shot of espresso. I also wanted to send the message that we LOVE her!'s what I came out with....something SIMPLE.

Brought over the cupcakes and when I saw her face... I knew she got our message!
My dearest friend....we are here for you!!!

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