Friday, October 18, 2013

Roti Jala (Malaysian Net Bread) with Curry Chicken

Roti Jala means Net Bread.  This is a special dish which my Grandma will prepare to celebrate a special birthdays, baby fullmoon, wedding...the list goes on.  My Grandma will make the batter in a bowl, sift it and pour the batter into a special 5 hole ladle. Then she will swirl it round and round a flat pan till it looks like a fish net.  We will eat this roti jala with my Grandma's curry chicken. 

Since I wanted to introduce this special dish to my children, I decided to make it for dinner today.  However, I do not have that special 5 hole ladle which my Grandma used to make Roti Jala. Therefore, I improvised and use a squeezy bottle.  It may not look as professional as my Grandma's, but the taste it just the same....I miss my Grandma so so much.

Here's a photo of my Roti Jala and Chicken Curry.

I am so glad my children love it as much as I do....wohoo!!!

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