Thursday, November 7, 2013

Curry Puffs

Curry Puffs or karipap or even epok-epok...that's what this little delicious snack is called in my household. If you venture to Malaysia or Singapore, curry puffs are sold every where.  One can say its similar to a little pie and it is filled with curry chicken, potatoes and sometimes even a piece of hard boiled egg.  Most of the time, curry puffs are being deep fried. Besides curry chicken, you can also find chilli sardine puffs and even vegetarian curry puffs.  However, I still prefer my Grandma's good old chicken curry puffs.

Hubby and I were watching a cooking show and curry puff was one of the snacks which the Chef tried in travels to South East Asia.  We just had to have some and so, hubby and I made this together.  We made it, deep fried it and ate it in the same day...haha!

Here's a photo of our humble curry puffs.

One word....delicious!!!

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