Saturday, February 26, 2011

Petit Fours & Marzipan (Flowers)

Have started school and am doing petit fours and marzipan this term. Both of my lecturers are awesome. Did you know that petit fours in french means small oven? To me, petit four is just small tiny cakes which I can finish within 2 mouthful..ha!ha!  According to my lecturer, there 2 main types of petit fours - dry and iced. For my first class, we made opera and iced petit fours. Here's a photo of the petit fours which we made in class.

In our 2nd week of our Marzipan class, we made flowers. The technique which my lecturer taught us is quite different from the ones I read in the sugarcrafting books. As my lecturer stated, there's 101 ways to do one piece of art.  Here's a photo of my flowers.

We will be doing figurines and macaroons next week....yippee!!!

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