Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chicken Pie

Chicken pies...yummylicious especially if one makes it from scratch.  Pies tend to be savory, with a top and bottom flaky crust with meat filling (chicken, pork, beef, lamb, etc), mixed veggies and gravy. As I had leftover cream of mushroom, I decided to bake a pie.  I made my puff pastry first and left it in the fridge while I cooked the fillings and allow it too cool. Roll out a piece of pastry for the base and line your pie tin. Trim the pastry off around the edge of the tin. Add in the fillings and press it down with a fork. Cover the pie with another rolled out piece of pastry and tuck the edges to seal it. You can be really creative here. I am just plain lazy...ha!ha! I baked it for 30 mins at 180 degrees C.  Here's a photo of my chicken pie.

This is so good with earl gray tea.....

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