Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Rolls (Popiah)

It has been awhile since we last made popiah (spring rolls). Its a tedious job....firstly, we have to handmake the skin for the popiah. Then, we have to make the fillings so that we can add it in before we roll it and gobble it up.  I for one prefers the floured popiah skin. I know that my cousins prefer to make the egg popiah skin. To each, its my Grandaunt will say.  My Caucasians friends call it the Asian Crepes. Sometimes, we will have a popiah party and it is just awesome! Anyway, my other half helped me to handmake the popiah skin. He got the hang of twisting the ball of flour mix into a ball and with a twirl, coat the non-stick pan with a thin layer of the flour mix.

We also made the filling for our popiah. We had bamboo shoots, mangkuang (turnips), taugeh (beanshoots), prawns, lettuce, eggs, tofu, etc. One can get really creative here. Once, we had crabmeat in it too. So, how do we assemble our popiah?
Brush skin with hoisin, sweet sauce and chilli sauce.
Lay a piece of lettuce on top of the sauced skin.
Add a spoon or two of the bamboo shoots & mangkuang filling.
Sprinkle on top some eggs, tofu bits, prawns, etc
When you are satisfied with your fillings, wrap the popiah up.

Here's a photo of my popiah and the popiah skin.

My other half decided to be creative and created bacon rolls (adapted from peking duck rolls).  We did not have any peking duck, so we decided to substitute the duck with bacon.  Verdict....pretty nice!!! Tadaa...a new creation...ha!ha! Here's a photo of our Bacon Rolls.

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