Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Potstickers (Guo Tie, Jiao Zi, Gyoza or Yaki Mandu), this is one snack which everyone loves. I came across so many other names for this little babies ~ gou tie, jiao zi, gyoza, yaki mandu...the list goes on for the same old thing. Hub was pestering me to whip up some gou tie as he wasn't too keen to buy it outside. He said its too expensive - 6 pieces for $7.50

So...I went into the kitchen, ransack my fridge and voila!....made my gou tie skin with plain flour and water, marinated my minced pork with napa cabbage, chives, sesame oil, soy sauce, seasonings, ginger and chinese cooking wine. I let the dough and my marinate sit for an hour before I begun.  I really am not good in plaiting the gou tie but I guess it really does not matter as its for my family...ha!ha!

After an hours, I rolled out the skin. As you can see from the photo below, my skin is not as round as the commercial bought ones. Then I seal the edges with some water and plait it. Gou tie has a thicker skin and its chewy. After that I shallow fry and followed by steaming  the gou tie.

When I was a child, gou tie was only eaten during festivals like Chinese New Year. My Grandma will even hide a clean coin into one of the gou tie for the lucky one. However, these days, gou tie can be found in spring, summer, fall and winter. Aren't we lucky...ha!ha!

Here's some photos to share:

The verdict from my hubby - DELICIOUS!!!

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