Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweet Buffet Showpieces

I was very excited when I started my showpieces class. We learnt how to use sugar, chocolate, pastillage and marzipan to build our showpieces.

The sugar base is made with sugar and vinegar. If we want it to look better, we can add in some black sesame seeds. As for pastillage, its a sugar dough. Its like playdough but it hardens really fast. When its hard and you drop it, it shatters like glass. For chocolate, we use modelling chocolate and it made out of chocolate and light corn syrup.

When I was trying to put together my very first showpiece, the sugar base broke into few pieces...(really wanted to cry!!!) and then my pastillage broke into 2 pieces (definitely gonna cry)...things really not going my way....Oh well, in the end, my first showpiece turned out like this.

Here's some photos which I took at my showpiece class:

Really hope that I will do well for my practical exam...fingers cross!!!

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