Sunday, July 1, 2012

An Appreciation Cake for Our Landlord

We decided to make a cake for our landlord and his family as we have been staying here for 2 years and he has been just awesome.  I decided to bake a orange liqueur chocolate cake and decorate it with flowers to say "Thank You".  When I mentioned it to my buddies, they informed me that this cake is called Jaffa Cake.  I heard that there's a debate over Jaffa Cakes in UK and Ireland...some say its a biscuit and others say its a cake.  Personally, I have never tasted it, I can't really say.  As I have more batter, I also made a small cake for my other half to taste. Here's a photo of our cake for our landlord....

Am so glad to hear from my other half that our Landlord and his family loved it...wohoo!!!

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