Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cornish Pasties & Sausage Rolls

I love making pies...meat pies, gourmet pies, pasties, sausage rolls, etc.  When I first learnt how to make cornish pasties, I felt as though I was making currypuffs..haha!  From what I have read, cornish pasties orginally comes from Cornwell, UK. Furthermore, the word pasty is actually from a French word paste which means pie. Why did the cornish pasties have the side-crimped, one wonders? From what I have heard and read, the side-crimps were created so that the miners will be able to eat their food (pasties) by holding on to the side crimps and eating it safely without touching the food or the mouth. As you know, the hands and fingers of the miners in the good old days are pretty dirty and have traces of arsenic. This is indeed a good way to prevent food poisoning :) Interesting indeed...

Sausages rolls originated from the UK too, it seems. Its a savoury pastry and it was commonly sold as a take-away food as its easy to hold and eat. Do you know that there's a National Sausage Roll Day too which is on 10 Oct? On this day, a town called Sausage Roll in Queensland, will prepare a giant sausage to celebrate this national day with a giant pinic where everyone is wellcome to join in.

Here's a photo of my cornish pasties and sausage rolls.

One word.....yummylicious!!!

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