Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Banana Cake and Indonesian Layer Cake or Spekkoek

Have been having lots of visitors dropping by during tea time and I decided to make some cakes for my friends.  When we have a cuppa, I will serve the cakes warm...verdict...delicious.

Banana Cake is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore and I have been eating banana cake since I could remember.  Since bananas are so cheap in Malaysia and Singapore and you can even find banana trees in quite a number of house gardens, banana cake will be baked at least once a week in most households.

Another cake which I made for my friends is the Indonesian Layer Cake (Spekkoek).  It is also known as a Dutch-Indonesian Layer Cake which originated from this cake called Baumkuchen.  It takes ages to do it as I had to bake layer by layer but the finished product is just awesomely yummylicious.

Here's the photos of my Indonesian Layer Cake and Banana Cake.

Indonesian Layer Cake (Spekkoek)

Banana Cake

Thank you so much for loving my cakes my dearest friends...let's have tea again soon and catch up!!!

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