Monday, October 25, 2010 it French?

Had a wonderful day in my yeast products class the other day. I also learn that croissants are NOT from France. According to my lecturer, croissants are from Budapest, Hungary. Google it and I am sure there will be stories about it. However, there's several versions to this story though....ha!ha! So, I am all confused once again...

Croissants are not that easy to bake though. I found out that there are several problems when making croissants. We had croissants that did not puff up fully when baking. I found out that the possible causes are "under proofed", "lack of humidity" or "oven too cold" from the internet. My lecturer also commented that it might be due to "lack of yeast" or "to much pressure when we roll the dough out between turns". Here's some photos - before we baked them and after we baked them...

Croissants before we sent them into the oven to be baked.

Hot, Hot, Croissants!!!

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