Friday, September 23, 2011

Spaghetti in Creamy Sauce

My little Prince is growing up and these days, he will come up with a list of things he wants for lunch or dinner :) In the late afternoon, he was asking his sister if they should have the whistling pasta for dinner tonite.  He called the penne pasta as the whistling pasta as he found out that he could whistle with it..ha!ha! However, we were out of penne pasta. So, I told him that we will become Cow-boys & Cow-girls tonite and have lasso pasta...ha!ha!....that's spaghetti to us adults.  He was a little disappointed but since I had time, I played Cowboys and Red Indians with him and that worked...phew!!!

I made a simple pasta for dinner as I was kind of down...might have caught a cold or something. I just boiled the pasta and while it was boiling, I chopped some garlic, ham, cauliflower (must hide this babies or my 2 precious will not eat it) and got ready the mixed herbs, thickened cream and cheese. Made dinner within 30 mins...wohoo!!  Here's a photo of our dinner:

Addio fino alla prossima volta!!!

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