Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beef Hor Fun

Beef hor fun is a hawker delight which is a favourite to all beef lovers.  However, my Grandma often said that even though it looks easy, it isn't really that easy to cook. For example, the hor fun must be loose, like one piece by one piece and not in clumps. Also, the hor fun must be brownish with a hint of burnt on it. Even though one can pass this stage, the beef itself may be a problem...too tough, no taste, etc. Lastly, the gravy...it must have the oomph!!! Aiyoh...its pretty leceh but whenever I cook this, my family seems to love it.  So..here's a photo of my humble beef hor fun.

That's it for now...till next time...happy wok-ing!

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