Monday, November 5, 2012

Budae Jjigae - Korean Army Stew

Budae Jjigae or Korean Army Stew is a one dish meal which is loved by my other half and myself. Since I have 2 kiddos and they are not into hot chilli pepper, I often cook this is a claypot without kimchi and gochujang.  Once I have taken out their portion, then only will I add in the kimchi and the gochujang.  From the stories which I have heard personally and which I have read in the internet, it seems that this dish was created after the Korean war when food was scarce and limited. The can food which the US Army left, the local made use of the cans of spams and hotdogs and incorporated it into their soup which consists of kimchi, gochujang, etc and the locals will boil it in a huge pot and place it at the centre of the table and share it with everyone in the family.  Till today, budae jjigae is still very popular.

Here's some photos of my budae jjigae.

Once can really get creative when you whip-up the budae jjigae.  Sometimes, I even add in all the ingredients which I use for steamboat when I do this one-dish meal.  Seriously...this is awesome!!!

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