Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ipoh Hor Fun

I always remember how we will argue about this dish....whenever I mentioned "I want to eat Ipoh Hor Fun" to my friends, they will say "Ehhh, why do you want to have something soupy? Its so hot now...not rainy season yet leh"  This is when we start our arguement about this dish. To a lot of people, whenever you mentioned Ipoh Hor Fun, its hor fun in chicken and prawn soup with shredded chicken, prawns and spring onion on top. However, in my family, Ipoh Hor Fun comes with a delicious thick gravy topped with shredded chicken, mushroom and veggies. My Grandma will braise the mushrooms and make it into that thick gravy sauce for the Hor Fun...yummy!!!!

We were craving for some Ipoh Hor Fun for several days now and on my off day, we decided to make this dish. My two kiddos have never tried this dish before and we were really hoping that they will love it.  My other half was already thinking of what else to cook for them if they do not like the dish..haha! It was a waste of time as our 2 kiddos fell in love with it..

Here's a photo of our Ipoh Hor Fun...

Till next time...let's makan!!!

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