Friday, April 12, 2013

Chicken Wrap, Chicken Tandoori Wrap and Ham Wrap with Salad

I love wraps as its easy to do and easy to eat. However, I never thought that I would do it at work since I am a Pastry Chef. Well, I guess never say never..haha! When I was younger, it was a special treat for me when my parents brought me to TGIF and I had the chicken fajitas with tortilla wraps. When I grew older, tortilla wraps were everywhere and it was so common. I remembered my parents telling me that tortillas are from Mexico and it means little cakes.  

Wrapping a tortilla wrap is pretty different from wrapping a popiah, but once you get the hang of it, its really easy.  At work, we have quite a number of varieties of wraps - roast chicken wrap, tandoori chicken wrap, roast beef wrap, corn beef wrap, lamb wrap, ham wrap, egg mayo wrap, etc... and all these wraps will be wrap with salads.  This is a delicious and healthy lunch I must say.  Here's a photo which I took at work...

Try a wrap will really make your day!!!

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