Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cokodok or Kueh Kodok (Banana Fritters)

When we have too many ripe bananas, the easiest way to ensure that it will not go to waste is to mash it and deep fry some cokodok.  Some of my friends call it kueh kodok. Its actually banana fritters. Cokodok is a favourite snack in my household. Its really easy to do...just mash the bananas, add in some eggs, sugar and flour. Stir it well and deep fry it.  The outer layer is crispy and the inside is soft and yummy.  It has been known as a comfort food for some...:)  My other half prefers to sprinkle icing sugar on top of the cokodok but I prefer to eat it plain.  Here's a photo of our Cokodok or Kueh Kodok:

Do try this simple snack...its just delicious!!!
You won't regret it....

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