Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homemade Cherry Jam

My other half bought 1kg of cherries for $10 and as we could not finish it, we decided to make some jam.  The last time I tried making jam, I did not buy any jam setter. Therefore, the jam did not turned out like the jams which we buy from outside. So, this time around, I made sure I bought a packet of jam setter and I must say the result was really good. As my other half loves biting into the fruit itself, he made sure that the cherries are still whole so that he could bite into it... 

If you want to make your own jam, it a really easy process...just cut the cherries into 2, take out the seeds and boil it in the pot with some sugar for 30 mins or so.  Then, add the jam setter and let it cool properly before popping it into the fridge. Here's a photo of our homemade Cherry Jam:

Maybe the next time around we will try strawberry jam.....:)

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