Thursday, January 6, 2011

Deep Fried Fish Soup with Rice & Fish Nuggets with Thai Chilli Sauce

This was the first time that I could not resist buying 2 pieces of fish looks so fresh and juicy.  With these 2 pieces, I made nuggets and deep fried fish soup with milk which we ate with rice.  Oh me, oh my...its really awesome on rainy days.

Deep fried fish soup with / without milk is a popular dish in my household.  Some of my friends prefer adding 1-2 tsp of carnation milk into the soup to make it more milky. Others just prefer the soup by itself.  This soup dish can be eaten with plain white rice or with noodles.  One of my friends loves to add XO into the soup.  However, even though I love XO, I do not use any as I have 2 kiddos in my family. To do the soup, I will fry some garlic and ginger till fragrant. Then I will add the ikan bilis stock, salted vegetable, tomato and seasonings. To serve, just add in 1-2 tsp carnation milk and seaweeds.  Here's a photo of our Deep Fried Fish Soup which we ate with rice.

While I was deep frying the pieces of fish fillet, my other half and my prince were happily eating these nuggets. My eldest called it fish nuggets. Discovered that it taste delicious when we dipped it into some sweet thai chilli sauce.  Here's a photo which my other half took - Fish Nuggets with Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce

Ain't it plain awesome when everyone in the family enjoys the food which we cook? What's more awesome, I created 2 dishes out of it...ha!ha!

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