Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rice Cooker Chicken Rice with Veggies (new style of Claypot Chicken Rice)

I guess some of you know "Claypot Chicken Rice" very well.  This was one of my favourite dinner dish and I could only eat in on weekends as my family were free to bring me out and makan.  This 1-dish meal is normally served with lap cheong (chinese sausage) and vegetables like pak choy, dried mushrooms, etc. There will also be hum yu (salted fish) on the side. This dish is cooked in a claypot where the rice is cooked first.  Then, the marinated chicken, lap cheong and other ingredients are added in few minutes before the rice is cooked.  One thing I remembered...I had to wait very very long for this dish.

When I was younger, I often urged my Grandma to teach me how to cook this dish and when I grew older and were allowed to use the kitchen, I made this dish each week.  The "adults' always asked me if I jelak or not...since when will I be jelak of my own cooking...ha!ha!

When I got married, I still cooked this dish with a claypot. But, now, with my 2 precious, I take short-cuts. I also add in more vegetables...got to ensure they have their servings of veggies.  So, I ended up using my humble rice cooker.  So, here's my version of the this yummy dish that I don't get jelak with.

That's all for now...
Till my next cooking adventure....
Happy makan-ing!!!

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