Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wat Tan Hor

Now...this is my another all time favourite 1-dish meal. Wat Tan Hor is a really popular dish is South East Asia countries like Malaysia and Singapore. I even found this dish in Thailand. Some places even sell is with ngau yoke (beef slices).  However, we don't eat beef due to our religion. Therefore, instead of beef, I tend to use chicken and other meat as a replacement.  It a simple dish to prepare...

Firstly, fry the hor fun (flat rice noodles) with oil and sesame oil. Add in some soy sauce and dark caramel sauce to give it some colour.  Fry it till the corners get a little burnt. Scoop and set aside.

Next, prepare the gravy. Just heat up the wok, add is some oil, garlic and ginger.  Add in the meat and stir-fry till its cooked. Add in the stock and bring it to boil. Throw in the fishballs, fishcake and other veggies. Add in cornflour mixture (to thicken the gravy) and seasonings. Once its cooked and just before dishing it out, add in the egg and stir till its cook. Pour the gravy over the hor hun and serve. Sedap!!! (Yummylicious!)

Here's a photo of my humble wat tan hor.

Till next time... Happy wat tan hor-ing!!!

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